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As specialist contractors we can carry out macadam surface construction for brand new facilities. The tarmac specification is very popular for multipurpose sports areas as it is versatile and durable enough to withstand regular use. We have completed these projects for many clients including schools, colleges and leisure centres in the UK. If you want a surface which is perfect for activities like netball, basketball and tennis, macadam is a great option.


Speak to our team today if you’d like more details on the costs for installing a tarmac court at your organisation. All you need to do is fill in our contact form and let us know some details about your project, including an area size and location. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to talk about the prices in more detail.

Building a Tarmac Sports Court

Macadam surface construction begins with the foundations being laid to the required size of the client’s specification. The initial process for macadam surface construction is the laying of a geotextile membrane, this is designed to stop weeds growing up through the floor and creating contaminations within the sub base. The tarmac surfacing is perfect for sports such as basketball, netball and tennis which require a good amount of grip and also durability and toughness for the ball to bounce effectively in sports such as basketball and tennis, the macadam surfacing is also completely porous – this is due to the reduced fines angular stone that is used as the sub base.

The all-weather properties are achieved through the angular stones allowing for water to pass through the court’s surface, making the foundations a key part of the macadam surface construction process. After the foundations have been laid and the tarmac on top of it, you can choose whether or not you would like specific line markings for various different sports to create a multi use games area, or for just a single sport for a specific court facility. With a thorough maintenance plan you can ensure that the macadam surface construction process will create a product with a much longer life span, and better playing characteristics. Making sure you regularly brush the court surface and pressure wash it to get rid of debris to prevent contamination and flooding on the MUGA.

Costs for Installing Macadam Surfaces

Costs for installing macadam surfaces will vary from job to job depending on the specifications set by the client. The biggest factor for finding the costs for installing macadam surfaces is the overall size and dimensions of the sports pitch in question, the bigger the sports pitch the more expensive the overall macadam surface construction job is going to be, this is due to the increase in materials needed and the increase in labour, but as the specification for installing multi use tarmac surfaces goes up in area size, the price per meter goes down. We also offer a variety of extra features that you can have installed with your artificial sports facility such as floodlighting and fencing, you can get different specifications of these extras to help keep within your budget if you have a limited amount of money to spend.

Carrying out regular macadam surface maintenance also brings costs down for your organisation as looking after the sports court reduces the need for expensive repairs and resurfacing in the future. We aim to offer the best quality products and services at the most reasonable price, making a happy customer that has stayed within their budget and got a high quality product. Click here to find out more about the macadam product specification

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We are specialists in installing hard court MUGA facilities in the UK so please get in touch with us if you need a price for a project you’re thinking about carrying out. We can offer product sheets and costs to install these facilities in a variety of area sizes and designs.

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The costs for macadam surface construction will depend on many factors such as the dimensions, location and existing ground conditions. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask if you have any further questions on what we do.


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