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It’s important to keep outdoor hard court tennis surfaces well maintained and thoroughly cleaned with a Pro Tennis Cleaning Solution on a regular basis. This is to prevent damage and to stop contaminants like moss and algae from growing on the court and making it slippery and unsafe for use.

Sports court contractors use this specially designed surface cleaning solution to remove dirt and debris from both macadam and polymeric surfaces to improve the playing qualities and the appearance of the facility. We can provide more information on these tennis court cleaning chemicals if you are interested in how they are used. Just fill in our contact form and get in touch with us to find out more.

Pro Tennis Cleaning Solution Specification

We carry out maintenance to sports courts all over the UK and the chemical make-up of the Pro Tennis Cleaning Solution that we use is specifically designed to remove tough dirt and contaminants which get stuck to the surface. These contaminants can include litter, leaves, mud and other organic matter which decays and gets stuck within the pores of a macadam or polymeric surface, leading them to become blocked so water can’t drain away. When this water starts to build up on the surface it provides an ideal breeding ground for moss and algae which then make the court even more slippery and unsafe for use by players.

The main ingredients in the specialist Pro Tennis Cleaning Solution are anionic and non-ionic surfactants (also known as detergents). Because water cannot mix together with grease and dirt, these chemicals are needed to help the water bind to the dirt and debris on the court and lift it away from the surface. These surfactant molecules are structured in a way that enables the dirt and water to mix so the tennis court surface is cleaned. The surfactants’ chemical structure is made up of a ‘tadpole shaped’ molecule with a polar head and a non polar tail, the image below shows how the polar heads will bind to the water and the non-polar tails will bind to the dirt and grease:


The way that the surfactants are able to bond with both the water and the dirt means that the two can then mix and the dirt is removed from the surface of the tennis court, leaving it clean and free from debris.

Other ingredients within the Pro Tennis Cleaning Solution include bactericides and preservatives which are commonly used to prevent the growth of mould in household products. In terms of cleaning sports courts, these substances can stop bacteria from infecting the surface of the court and leading to moss and algae growth. This is important for preventative and proactive maintenance because most types of moss, algae or fungus will thrive in damp and dirty conditions like tennis courts especially if the area is shaded by trees or nearby buildings.

Reactive Tennis Court Maintenance

If you have an outdoor hard court tennis facility which has become dirty over time, it is likely that the Pro Tennis Cleaning Solution will be enough to remove the dirt and bring back the original performance quality. However if the sports court has sustained further damage and has started to develop fretting and very poor drainage, a stronger maintenance approach may be needed. This could include repairing cracks in the macadam or polymeric rubber surface, or applying a binder coat to seal over the loose stones and then putting a new anti slip paint coating on top. A fresh layer of paint with a binder coat underneath will drastically improve the look of your tennis court as will as providing added grip for enhanced game play.

If your tennis court is in need of a thorough clean and fresh paint coating, please get in touch with us through our contact form and we’ll discuss the Pro Tennis Cleaning Solution in more detail as well as offering you advice on pricing and costs for this sort of work. You can also have a look around the rest of our website for more information on all of the sports facilities we can install and provide services for.


Woodhouse grove school

Soft Surfaces won a competitive tender to supply and install a new 6528 m² all weather pitch, marked for football, rugby union and three 5-a-side pitches. There is storage at one end for posts and equipment and the complex is enclosed by a 3m high rebound fence. Lighting columns were erected along the perimeter, and lighting bollards to the access path. A large-scale earthworks scheme was undertaken to create a plateau some 900mm above the 100-year flood level in order to accommodate the pitch. SS worked over weekends and during the normal Christmas shutdown to minimise delays.

AFC Bournemouth

When AFC Bournemouth wanted to create a new training surface, we looked into the various options. We discussed the performance and playing characteristics of a variety of surfaces. In the summer, we chose a 3G surface (Rhino Turf VT40) which was supplied and installed by Soft Surfaces Ltd. We chose the Rebounce shock-pad to compliment the VT40 surface, as it met the performance, quality and the most natural appearance – so much more realistic in looks, feel and performance than other synthetic surfaces. We have found Soft Surfaces to be very professional and easy to deal and work with. 

Banister Primary School

We believe we received good value for money by opting to use Soft Surfaces and would like to thank the team for making it painless and stress-free installation experience. We were particularly impressed with the degree of flexibility your exercised as we wanted to change the perimeter area. It’s also important that I state how impressed we were with the cleanliness and tidiness of the work; the site was spotless upon completion. Likewise, the after service has been good and we appreciate that you’ve stayed in touch to make sure we were pleased with the end product. In summary i would be happy to reccomend Soft Surfaces without hesitation or reservation; it was a pleasure doing business with you!

Activity For All

Soft Surfaces came to run a brief presentation on the advantages of their product and why he felt that this was best value and straight away we understood what we was getting as a product, service and installation. I am more than happy with how the project ran with it being delivered ontime, within budget and now have a great football artificial 3G surface. I would strongly recommend dealing with James Dooley at Soft Surfaces who will talk you through the various costs, specifications and finer details because would definitely like to point out that the cheapest is not always the best value. Massive thank you to the team for providing us now with a thriving new facility!

Golborne High School

I would like to express my thanks to all the staff at Soft Surfaces Ltd for helping our school in the upgrade of our MUGA flooring. We were experiencing serious problems with contaminated sand causing flooding and making the surface dangerous under foot. You undertook a site visit and carried out an infill contamination assessment to investigate the problems. This identified that the sand infill needed replacing to bring the facility back to its correct playing characteristics and porous again. The PE staff in school are extremely impressed with the impact of the work undertaken and have commented that it has made a significant improvement to the MUGA surface. I would certainly recommend Soft Surfaces!

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