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We are experts in rugby pitch maintenance offering specialist cleaning and repair services to keep facilities performing their best. Artificial surfaces made from 3G turf need to be looked after to ensure they don’t get damaged. Our team can complete this work to help prevent issues with drainage and make sure the flooring is safe for use.


You can get a quote for any of the cleaning and maintenance services we offer by filling in our contact form today. Let us know what kind of facility you have and what is required so we can give you an accurate price.

Maintaining Rugby Pitches

Many organisations in the UK including schools and sports clubs are choosing to replace old muddy and waterlogged rugby facilities with brand new 3G synthetic grass surfacing. These artificial turf sports facilities can save money as they require much less maintenance than natural grass pitches, however it is still important to carry out synthetic rugby pitch maintenance to ensure the surface is safe and performs well. The types of cleaning and maintenance which can be carried out include:

Proactive Rugby Pitch Maintenance – This takes place as a method of prevention to combat the effects of heavy use and weathering before any damage is caused to the rugby surface. Examples of proactive maintenance include grooming, drag brushing, distribution of rubber infill and chemical treatments to prevent contamination from moss and algae. It’s important to take a proactive approach to maintaining any sports pitch as this will reduce the need for any repairs which can be expensive.

Reactive Rugby Pitch Maintenance – This takes place to repair any damage which has been done to the surface as a result of heavy use or vandalism. Examples of reactive maintenance for rugby surfacing include seam and joint repairs, top up of rubber infill particles and even total resurfacing if the pitch is in very bad condition.

If you don’t put an appropriate maintenance schedule into place for your rugby surface, this can lead to a number of problems including infill compaction, flooding, and contamination from dirt and debris. These pitch problems can cause a lot of damage to an artificial rugby pitch and will dramatically increase the costs of future repairs and resurfacing if they are not dealt with as soon as possible. For more information on the 3G sport surface specification and how you can maintain it, please take a look at this page –

Synthetic Rugby Surface Maintenance Costs

The costs of regularly maintaining your artificial rugby pitch can be easily managed by ensuring you apply an appropriate maintenance plan which focuses on the specification of the surface. Prices for rugby pitch maintenance depend on the existing condition of the surface and the type of work which needs to be carried out. Other factors which affect the costs of maintaining sport surfaces include the area size, site location and the ease of access to the area. We are committed to offering a great value service which gives you the results you want at a price which fits within your budget.

You can have sports surface testing carried out to determine the best type of maintenance for your artificial pitch and to help you keep costs down. These tests could include ball roll assessments, anti slip testing and water drainage checks to assess the performance and safety characteristics of the surface and to select the most appropriate cleaning and maintenance strategy to keep the surface in top condition. It’s important that any sports facility performs well and is safe for the players who use it, whether it be children at a school or adults at a professional sports club, you need to ensure that your rugby pitch is looked after properly and can be enjoyed for a long time.

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