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We can provide a number of professional netball court services for your organisation, whether it’s a school, college, club or leisure centre. These include installation, painting, maintenance and supply of extra equipment such as fencing and floodlights. All of these can be carried out to meet a number of specifications and requirements, and our prices can be altered to fit your budget.


Feel free to contact our team today if you would like more details on the costs of what we do. One of our experts would be happy to give you a quote for the work that is required. Just be sure to give us an area size for the facility, as well as your location and the existing conditions of the area.

What are Netball Surfaces?

Netball surfaces are available in a range of specifications, with the most common being hard courts. One of the core services we provide is the installation of a range of different netball court surfacing types. The most popular surfacing specification for this type of facility is macadam; this provides excellent ball bounce characteristics and can be used for other sports such as basketball. Sports courts can also be constructed in polymeric rubber; this is a great option for multi use games areas as it provides an ideal surface for netball, tennis and basketball.

Each surface can be designed and installed to meet your requirements in terms of specification and budget to ensure you get the best sports facility which is within your price range. We can install these facilities to meet a number of dimensions and area sizes, so they can be completed customised to suit your budget and outdoor space. Don’t hesitate to speak with our specialists and let us know if need some more information on the services we can offer for you.

Netball Surface Painting

Our team can carry out professional netball court painting to improve the performance and safety characteristics of the court and to give precise game scoring. These anti slip paint coatings could be customised in different colours to suit your organisation and give the facility a more personal touch. You might even want to have a two tone effect which makes the design even more decorative and eye catching.

For macadam flooring we will generally use acrylic paint, whereas polymeric surfaces can be painted with polyurethane coatings. You can have full control over the design to ensure the finished result is exactly what you want for your school or sports club. This is one of our most popular netball court services and is often carried out by our experts to existing facilities to improve the playing qualities.

Line Marking Specialists

In order to make sure that the facility is in the best condition, we can apply coloured netball court line marking which stands out on the playing area. This will be done in a contrasting colour to the paint so that the lines are clear to see, making game play much more accurate. Many people choose to have a bright colour for the main playing space, and white for the markings, but this is totally up to you and you can choose whatever colours you like.

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You could also choose to have additional line markings added for different sports. This would turn the facility into a multi use games area where a variety of activities can be played. It is common for schools and leisure centres to have this done as it means the same area can be used for playing multiple sports. The lining paint is also slip resistant to ensure the best performance qualities and to keep players safe. As one of out most popular netball court services, we’re able to carry out the cleaning and paint process at a great value price.

Sports Facility Construction

Recently we completed a netball court construction project to install a new top quality multi use macadam surface at a school in Cheshire. Before the work began, the school had an existing natural grass field which was unused, we excavated the grass down to the required depth to prepare the groundworks. The sub base for this construction was made using porous angular stones which we laid out onto the prepared ground. Most sports facility contractors prefer to use this type of sub base as it’s strong and durable, and allows for quick drainage as water can soak through the gaps between the stones.

Once the dynamic stone sub base had been compacted, the macadam was applied using specialist machinery to create a smooth finish. Finally a coating of porous acrylic paint was installed to the court in green with multi use line markings in yellow for netball and white for tennis. Take a look at the video below to see this full installation process in action:

We’re able to complete this work to suit a variety of different designs and specifications. If you are interested in a particular type of surface please let us know and we’ll give you some more details on the installation process and services we provide. This can vary for each project depending on the area size, site conditions, and how you would like to use the facility.

Sport Surface Maintenance

Another of the services we provide is netball court maintenance, it is important to look after any sports surface properly; this will help improve the durability and life expectancy of the facility and ensure the safety of those who use it. Some services we offer for a sports court include pressure washing, chemical treatments for moss and algae, repainting and damage repairs.

Having proactive maintenance carried out regularly helps to prevent and damage to the flooring. However reactive maintenance can take place to repair any damage which occurs as a result of weathering, overuse or vandalism. We would recommend checking regularly for any issues to make sure these are quickly dealt with before the facility becomes unsafe.

Carrying out sport surface testing for these facilities helps to cut costs of upkeep as it can determine the key areas which need the most attention. Having an appropriate netball court cleaning plan will keep your flooring in the best possible condition and improve its longevity. This will also maintain good performance characteristics for the court while keeping it safe for players to use.

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The costs involved with carrying out these netball court services can of course vary between each project, depending on the scope and specification of work which is taking place. Prices may be managed through a number of variables such as the type of surfacing you choose to install, the extra equipment you need and the amount and nature of work which will be required. A quote can be devised based on the specification of your project and the budget you have available, this will make sure you get the best possible service and end result for your organisation.


There are different available for each type of surface and facility, we can create a great value project which suits your requirements while remaining within your budget and keeping your players safe. Please use our contact form to get in touch with our specialists if you need more information or a price to carry out one of these netball court services.


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