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Artificial Football Pitch Surfacing

We have installed many facilities using different types of artificial football pitch surfacing, and our team of specialists can help with your project. Synthetic turf is being used more commonly for soccer pitches because it provides natural playing qualities and is also much easier to maintain than real grass. Popular specifications include 3G and 2G turf, and these different designs are suitable for others sports such as rugby or hockey.


One of our experts can give you a price for full installation works if you are looking to build a brand new facility. Simply fill in the contact form on this page to get some more information and a quote.

Artificial Soccer Surfaces

The installation of artificial football pitch surfacing should always be carried out by a specialist sports surface contractor to ensure a professional and good quality end result. There are a number of different options to choose from if you decide to install a synthetic turf football surface; each one can suit different specifications and requirements.

There are a whole host of options when it comes to choosing the perfect surface for your new sports pitch. When choosing your artificial turf football surface you may take into account budget or whether or not you’ll be using the surface for any sports other than football. The most popular design is a 3G synthetic surface which is perfect for both football and rugby. The specification is installed with both sand and rubber pellets to help maintain pile height. This keeps the grass fibres in shape allowing for good surface performance characteristics and will also maintain a long life expectancy for the sports facility. Ensuring that the facility lasts a long time is really important so many schools and leisure centres choose this type of flooring.

2G Synthetic Sports Turf

You may prefer to use a 2G sand filled pitch surface for your facility as this can also be used for hockey. This design has a lot shorter grass fibres meaning that with activities like hockey, the ball can glide over the flooring smoothly and easily. It can sometimes be difficult when choosing the correct sport surface but we will do our best to ensure you get the most suitable specification to fit your design and requirements. We will also take into account any budgets and provide cost advice helping to keep the price to a minimum and make sure that it fits the criteria relating to the desired sports.

Before you decide to get a quotation for an artificial pitch it is important to decide what the primary and secondary sports are likely to be. For example: on a pitch where rugby is the primary sport and football is the secondary sport you would in most case require a 60mm pile height over a shockpad. If you are wanting to play football and hockey on the same surface you must come to some sort of compromise on pile height and get a facility that fits somewhere in the middle. For example; a 32mm 3G surface may not be the number one option for football or hockey however it will allow you to play both sports on one pitch.

Synthetic Grass Football Pitch Surfacing

The popularity of synthetic grass football pitch surfacing has increased over the past few years, with many organisations such as schools, colleges and sports clubs installing artificial turf pitches instead of the traditional natural grass. These organisations often choose to have a muddy or waterlogged natural grass pitch replaced with a new artificial turf sports carpet which provides better water drainage and requires less maintenance. It is still important to carry out regular football pitch maintenance to ensure that the facility is kept in top condition. Advancements in the technology of artificial sport surfacing mean that synthetic turf can provide better performance and safety characteristics, giving the players a better playing experience and reducing risks of injury.

Improvements in artificial turf technology also ensure that synthetic grass sports pitches have greater durability, as well as being UV stable which prevents colour fading from exposure to sunlight, meaning that your synthetic pitch will look great for longer. Synthetic grass surfacing can be installed in a range of different dimensions, specifications and pile heights to suit the individual requirements of each organisation and the sports that the facility will be used for.

This video above shows the complete installation of a 3G artificial sports pitch including groundworks, sub base and laying the carpet. The client also chose to have fencing around the perimeter of the area to keep it secure during use and after hours.

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The costs and prices involved with installing artificial football pitch surfacing can vary depending on a number of factors including the location of the project, the sports that will be played on the facility, the specification and dimensions of the surface and the conditions of the existing area. Please contact us through the enquiry form if you’d like more information on the costs and specification for these artificial sports pitches, one of our staff members will send you over some product sheets and a quote for the work.

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