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With any large scale sports pitch construction project, it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to design, specifications, finding a contractor, applying for planning permission and then completing the work itself. The role of artificial football pitch consultants is to guide you through the whole process from start to finish, ensuring that you get the perfect outdoor surface for your school, club or private sports facility. We can carry out these checks and provide you with a quote to complete the installation project.


In the early stages of developing a specification for installing a synthetic grass sports surface, artificial football pitch consultants will first carry out feasibility studies to decide whether or not it’s possible to build a new 3G football pitch on that particular area of land. A site survey which involves a number of topographical tests will be done to assess the ground conditions and physical features of the existing area of land to see if it’s stable enough to meet the requirements of an artificial sports pitch construction.

Artificial Football Pitch Design

The next part of an artificial football pitch consultants’ job is to help create a design and specification for the sports pitch which will make a perfect outdoor football facility to suit the needs of the individual project. The artificial football pitch design will include a specification of synthetic grass carpet, plans for drainage and irrigation, and precise area size and dimensions for the proposed sports pitch. The designs which artificial football pitch consultants create can vary greatly for each installation depending on the requirements of the final synthetic pitch as it could be a full sized professional standard surface, a 5-a-side recreational facility or anything in between.

Once the artificial football pitch design and specification has been put together in a thoroughly detailed document along with health and safety risk assessments, this can then be sent out to tender to a number of sports pitch contractors. Each construction company will then submit their price for the work to the artificial football pitch consultants and the contractor with the most competitive quote will win the job.

Sports Pitch Planning Permission

Before any construction work can begin on a new synthetic sports pitch, there is the issue of obtaining planning permission for the project. Artificial football pitch consultants can help you with applying for planning permission to make sure that your application shows how the new synthetic football pitch will be an improvement to the existing sports facilities or will provide a high quality new facility. Once planning permission has been granted for the sports pitch construction, the project can begin and site supervision will be carried out by experienced professionals to ensure the quality of work is up to the highest standards. Quality control tests will also be carried out for the materials supplied to check that the specified products are used in the football pitch installation process.

Check out this video to see our team installing a full 3G synthetic sports pitch:

Specialist Surface Testing

After the construction of the new synthetic sports pitch has been completed, artificial football pitch consultants will carry out performance and safety testing to make sure that the final surface has the best playability and safety qualities for the activities that the pitch is going to be used for. Different characteristics such as ball bounce, ball roll and water permeability can be checked by the artificial football pitch architects to ensure a top quality playing surface for football training and matches.

We recommend having these testing processes carried out annually to assess the flooring and determine whether any maintenance is needed. Things like compaction and infill contamination can be found through carrying out tests, and reactive cleaning or repairs can then be administered. By keeping an eye on the facility and checking for any damage, you can help to keep it in top condition for as long as possible.

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We have built many 3G artificial sports surfaces in a range of designs and area sizes at locations throughout the UK and we would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect specification for your new outdoor sports facility. You can find out more on all of the products and services we specialise in by visiting which shows our full range of outdoor sports surfaces including artificial pitches, MUGA courts and athletics tracks.


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