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MUGA is abbreviated for multi use games area and is a ball court that commonly has rebound fencing, sports floodlighting and sports surfaces. Sports surfaces vary from polymeric surfacing, artificial grass, synthetic turf, macadam surface, synthetic grass to wetpour rubber EPDM surfacing.

Surfaces for Multisport Courts

We at Sports and Safety Surfaces have been All Weather and MUGA specialists for over 20 years and have a wide knowledge of installations, restorations and repairing these types of surfaces. In that time, the technology used in making surfaces for these types of conditions have improved dramatically. There are now more options than ever and […]

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Carisbrooke Type 1 Macadam MUGA

Carisbrooke Type 1 Macadam MUGA Details of a muga project completed in macadam sports surfacing in carisbrooke. The multi use games area included groundworks, sub base preparation, macadam sports surfaces, rebound sports fencing and acrylic coating non slip sports paint.

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Tennis Court Contractors UK

Tennis court construction is now a big thing in the UK. Ranging from full tennis court construction to tennis court refurbishment, the UK has contractors who specialise in each of the process. There are a number of contractors who specialise in the actual building of the new ball court. Other companies specialise only in the […]

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Floodlit Conversion of a Rundown MUGAs

Floodlit conversion of a rundown Multi Use Games Area is now becoming a popular choice of sports clubs and societies due to its cost effective nature. A rundown tennis court or ball court can have issues with poor surfacing, bad slip resistance and poor lighting. Floodlights can be an attractive option for the MUGA upgrade. […]

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Polymeric permeable sports pitch

Polymeric permeable sports pitch is used on type 3 and type 4 Multi use games area, long jump runways, high jump fans and all weather surface applications. These are usually installed onto porous asphalt base course at a depth 50mm thick and porous macadam wearing course at a depth of 25mm. The sub base can vary […]

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Types Polymeric Surface Coatings

Type 1 MUGA is a macadam colour coated system with the primary sport as tennis. The slip resistance needed to be achieved is TRRL 60. Type 2 MUGA is a macadam colour coated system with the primary sport as netball. The slip resistance needed to be achieved is TRRL 75. The coatings used are water […]

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Polymeric Surface Maintenance

Maintenance procedures are designed to ensure the following: » The playing surface is kept clean. » The playing surface gives consistent performance. These objects are achieved by: » Sweeping leaves and other detritus from the surface. » Brushing the sports surface, to prevent any tendency to form an impervious skin on the surface that may […]

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The Best MUGA Company in the UK

The best MUGA company in the UK is asked by many customers and what determines the BEST company or contractor. The most popular answer would be the cheapest quote, cost or price but obviously this isn’t the case because many contractors build different specifications and the true answer should be ‘Best Value’. It is always […]

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Cost of outdoor multi sports court surfacing

Costs of outdoor multi sports court surfacing can vary dependent on the specification and design carried out on the sports facility. The sport complex arena has hundreds of choices they need to decide upon but the main questions you need to know is : (1) What is the facility mainly going to be used for?? […]

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High pressure spray, structural and paint respray MUGA Tennis Court

High pressure spray, structural and paint respray MUGA Tennis Courts are common when the sports facility has been used for many years and needs an upgrade or renovation. The MUGAs refurbishment is common after 5-10 years depending on the level of use the sports surface gets because on leisure centres they get a lot more […]

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