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Residential Tennis Court Refurbishment in Hereford

So, Wimbledon has been and gone and the tarpaulins have been pulled over the courts for the final time for another year. Hopes of a Scottish, sorry, British, champion have been dashed for another twelve months, and strawberries are suddenly on two-for-the-price-of-one in the SW19 postcode. What on earth can you do to fill the […]

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Tennis Court Maintenance Management Process

The tennis court maintenance management process starts as soon as we receive an enquiry; this is normally an email which we can deal with straight away. When we receive the information, we then get back to the client and ask them to send us their location and images of their existing sport surface. The reason […]

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Tennis Court Leeds – Pressure Washing and Recolouring

Throughout the summer, it’s common for people to have maintenance such as pressure washing and recolouring done for their tennis court. Hard sport surfaces such as macadam and polymeric EPDM rubber are popular for tennis courts as they give good ball bounce properties and playing characteristics. ENQUIRE FOR PRICES If these tennis court surfaces aren’t […]

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Tennis Court Repair and Painting in Surrey

We are often asked to carry out tennis court repair and maintenance work for existing outdoor facilities which are in need of renovation and a new lease of life. We recently completed a project in Surrey to clean and repaint a single sized court which had become very contaminated and dirty due to a lack […]

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Tennis Court Surfacing Company UK

Tennis is a very popular sport in the UK and it’s important to ensure that any tennis court facility is constructed to the best standards so it is safe for players and provides good performance characteristics. We install tennis court surfaces at a number of organisations including leisure centres, schools, colleges, as well as residential […]

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Residential Tennis Court Line Marking

Line marking or surfacing renovation is an essential part of MUGA and residential tennis courts maintenance. Multi use game areas or ball courts often have many different sports played on the one surface and this means that the game line markings often need replacing or touching up. Residential tennis court surfacing is usually a single […]

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Tennis Courts Contractors Painters UK Directory

Tennis court contractors & painters are now very common when it comes to the rejuvenation of tennis courts and ball courts. Tennis court construction or renovation comes in many forms and the re coating of the anti slip paint is vital. MUGA, overtime, can become slippy due to the existing coating becoming worn off, dirty […]

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Tennis Court Contractors Resurfacing UK Directory

Tennis court contractors will often take on the resurfacing of an old or disused ball court. Tennis courts will often need resurfacing or renovation works when the existing court is damaged, dirty and has become dangerous to use. The upgrade of the tennis pitches should be pretty fast on site because you can use the […]

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HG4 ITF Sport Surfacing Coatings for MUGA surfaces

HG4 ITF Sport Surfacing Coating for MUGA surfaces is a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and Tennis Court court surface paint designed to give an anti slip sports surface. It is installed onto macadam surfaces that need the correct cleaning and maintenance carried out if it is an old tennis court. HG4 or High Grip 4, […]

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Size of Tennis Court Sports MUGA

The size of a Tennis Court is very much restricted by the specification or design. This in turn affects the cost of the multi use games area surface construction. The recommended size for a Tennis Court is 10.97 x 23.77m with a 3.05m surface run off from each length size. This is standard LTA accredited […]

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