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Netball Court Resurfacing Experts

Over time your sports surface may become damaged or worn out due to excessive and repeated use. Our company can carry out services like resurfacing for netball courts to restore the original quality. A netball court resurfacing process can dramatically improve your existing sports surface, whilst providing excellent playing properties for those who will make […]

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Artificial Grass Tennis Court Surfacing Maintenance

It’s important to have regular tennis court surfacing maintenance carried out to your artificial grass sports surface to prevent it from becoming damaged or losing its playability. The 2G synthetic turf tennis courts are specially designed with a sand infill layer installed deep into the grass pile to enhance the performance and appearance of the […]

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Polymeric Sports Court Builders

It’s important for kids to enjoy a healthy lifestyle which includes plenty of exercise, this is why it’s vital that schools and clubs have top quality sports facilities which can be used for a range of activities. Polymeric surfacing is commonly installed by sports court builders as it provides great playing characteristics for a number […]

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3 Reasons To Top Up Rubber Crumb For 3G Grass

The introduction of 3G artificial grass pitches in the UK means it is now possible for professional football matches to be played on synthetic turf pitches as the new surfacing meets the standards of FIFA 1* and FIFA 2* accreditations. The third generation grass pitches are designed to give natural performance characteristics and improve ball […]

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Sand Filled Astroturf Sport Pitch Rejuvenation Maintenance

Astro – turf sport pitches are fantastic tools for multi sport surfaces in the UK but like anything, they require maintenance to ensure that they work as designed and specified and to ensure that they remain safe for the end user. There are a few different types of synthetic astro turf all weather pitches that […]

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Proactive Maintenance To Astro Turf Sports MUGA Surfacing

There is 2 kinds of maintenance that is used for MUGA sports surfaces. The very common reactive and the less common but preferred proactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance means fixing or maintaining after the event has taken place. Proactive maintenance means the prevention of repairs due to planned and costed continuing maintenance. The sports surfacing in […]

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