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Synthetic Turf Sand Infill Porosity Assessment

A Synthetic Turf Sand Infill Porosity Assessment has been carried out recently to a dozen all weather sports pitches because they seemed to be holding water. An all weather pitch is designed to soak up rainwater through very quickly. The sand infill is porous and if it is a 3G pitch the rubber infill product is […]

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MUGA Rejuvenation Maintenance in Lancashire

Having a proper cleaning and upkeep schedule set up for your artificial grass sports pitch is essential if you want to keep it performing well and make sure it’s safe for players to use. One of our recent projects was a MUGA rejuvenation maintenance in Lancashire to a contaminated sand filled surface. Contaminated MUGA Surfacing The […]

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All Weather Sports Pitches, Rejuvenating Maintenance

All weather pitches are designed to last a significant number of years but in order to do this, the system needs to be properly maintained and looked after. When the sport pitch gets tired, a rejuvenation and renovation can be required. One of the ways to revitalise the sports area is to deep clean and […]

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Specify It – AWP All Weather Pitch Construction Surfacing

AWP All Weather Pitches are now a common sporting facility in the UK. Many facilities are moving from the traditional grass pitches due to the problems that they can face. Grass pitches can suffer from inadequate drainage and in turn, postponed fixtures and lost revenue. New AWP pitches can ensure that sport can be played […]

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Improving, Refurbishment, Develop New Sports facilities Into AstroTurf All Weather Pitch

Many sports facilities are being turned into 3G Synthetic Astroturf All Weather pitches due to the benefits that they provide the providers. Natural grass pitches common struggle with the demands of excessive use and poor design. These grass pitches can become water logged and have inadequate facilities due to the drainage being poor and over […]

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Improve Water–Logged Sport Pitches Into Astroturf All Weather Pitch

Many natural grass sports pitches have more and more demand on them as local councils look to hire them out more and more due to increased revenue. These grass pitches have inadequate facilities and are in desperate need of a makeover / renovation. The refurbishment of these areas is vital as these existing grass pitches […]

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Floodlight Artificial Grass Football Sports Surfaces Pitch

Floodlit artificial grass football sports pitches are one of the UK’s best specialists surfacing kickabout pitches and come in various sizes, specifications and designs. Construction of an Astro – turf pitch is dependent on many factors. There are a number of different sizes although they can be tailor made to suit the overall build site, […]

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What is a 2G sand filled dressed surfacing pitch??

There are 3 main types of 2G all weather synthetic grass used for Synthetic Turf Pitches (STP) and Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) – 2G Sand filled synthetic grass; 2G Sand dressed synthetic grass; 2G Needle-punch synthetic grass. All of these all weather sports pitches have advantages to their performance and have evolved from the […]

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