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Synthetic Turf Sand Infill Porosity Assessment

A Synthetic Turf Sand Infill Porosity Assessment has been carried out recently to a dozen all weather sports pitches because they seemed to be holding water. An all weather pitch is designed to soak up rainwater through very quickly. The sand infill is porous and if it is a 3G pitch the rubber infill product is […]

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Sand Dressed Suppliers

When you choose to have a sand dressed synthetic sports pitch installed for your school or club, it’s important that you select reliable and experienced sand dressed  suppliers and contractors, and do background checks on their previous work. This will give you the confidence that you will get a top quality, durable sports surface facility […]

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Sand Dressed Funding

Many schools and clubs in the UK are eligible for financial assistance and grant funds from a range of funding organisations to build brand new 2G sand dressed hockey pitch facilities. This sand dressed surface funding can be made available to schools, colleges, clubs and leisure centres who do not have adequate sports facilities and […]

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Sand Dressed Dimensions

Sand dressed pitch dimensions are one of the first things you need to decide upon before having a sports pitch constructed – the best way of deciding how big you’d like your sports pitch is through how many people are likely to be using it, as there are so many different ways to make the […]

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Sand Dressed Contractors

Sand dressed artificial grass pitches provide excellent performance characteristics for hockey as the short pile height allows the ball to glide smoothly across the surface. If you’re looking to have a 2G synthetic turf sports pitch built for hockey, it’s important to choose the best sand dressed surfacing contractors to ensure the final product is […]

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Sand Dressed Specification

2G sand dressed sports pitches are a popular surfacing option for a number of sports facilities across the UK, but the sand dressed specification is best suited to hockey. When you choose to install a 2G artificial grass sports surface, we can tailor a sand dressed specification to suit your budget and requirements in terms […]

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Sand Dressed Maintenance

Sand dressed pitch maintenance is a key part of looking after and caring for a sports pitch. With a regular maintenance scheme, you can be sure that your sports pitch will survive for much longer than a sports facility that does not. There are two main types of maintenance, reactive and proactive maintenance. Proactive maintenance […]

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Sand Dressed Surfacing

Sand dressed surfacing is a perfect surface specification for playing hockey. A thin layer of sand is installed at the base of the grass fibres and helps to improve the stability of the surface while providing protection and support for the fibres of the 2G sports pitch. ENQUIRE TODAY FOR BEST RATES We are able […]

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Sand Dressed

We provide a range of different sand dressed services for 2G grass sports pitches at schools, clubs and leisure centres throughout the UK. As this specification of surfacing is most commonly used for hockey pitches, our services focus around installation and maintenance of hockey surfacing. We also provide additional fencing, floodlighting and sports equipment for these […]

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Experts in Artificial Sports Pitches

The installation of artificial sports pitches has become very popular in a variety of organisations across the UK including schools, sports clubs and leisure centres. The technological advancements of synthetic grass surfacing mean that there are now more options than ever and you can ensure that your sports surface will be high quality, durable and […]

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