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Netball Court Resurfacing Experts

Over time your sports surface may become damaged or worn out due to excessive and repeated use. Our company can carry out services like resurfacing for netball courts to restore the original quality. A netball court resurfacing process can dramatically improve your existing sports surface, whilst providing excellent playing properties for those who will make […]

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Refurbishing Mossy Tennis Court Lancashire

Macadam sports facilities are popular in the UK because they’re ideal for a wide range of different activities, many tennis courts are surfaced in this particular hard court specification because of the ball bounce and slip resistance qualities. However over time, the tarmac flooring can become contaminated by dirt and natural matter making it unsafe […]

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FA Football All Weather Pitches Rejuvenation Maintenance

Association football is the most played sport in the UK and is played in just about every school & sports club. Funding for this sport comes from the Football Association and is on most school syllabus. The influence of the FA Premier League & Football League means that the sport is one of the most […]

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Reactive Maintenance On Astro Turf Sports Courts

Astro – turf pitches need regular maintenance to ensure that the safety standards, playing characteristics and aesthetics are as true as the day the surfacing was designed, specified and constructed. ATP or STP pitches come in many different forms. Sand filled, sand dressed, 3G and synthetic systems are all commonly available and each have different […]

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Rejuvenation Removes Contaminated Infill On STP, ATP, MUGAs

Rejuvenation, renovation and revitalisation on MUGA surfaces is the only way of removing contaminated sand in STP / ATP synthetic all weather Astroturf artificial grass systems. Contaminated sand occurs when algal squidge, mud, dirt and sporn has got into the infill of the sports carpet and this is because ball fibres, dust all react with […]

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Deep Cleaning Sports Surfacing Service

Deep Cleaning Sports Surfacing Service is carried out monthly or annually on all weather pitches to keep the playing performance for the players whether it is football, hockey, tennis and basketball. The price depends on the size of the all weather pitch as obviously a full sized soccer field would cost more than a small […]

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Artificial Sport Pitches Rejuvenation Maintenance

Artificial Sport Pitches Rejuvenation Maintenance is carried out on synthetic turf MUGAs, STPs, ATPs throughout the UK when basically a build up of moss, algae, slime and mud is apparent on the all weather surface because obviously this build affects the porosity of the drainage. Artificial grass surfacing whether it be sand dressed, needlepunch, sand […]

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Synthetic Sports Pitch Rejuvenation Maintenance

Synthetic Sports Pitch Rejuvenation Maintenance is a process carried out in the UK to artificial sport pitches, ATPs, STPs and MUGAs. Rejuvenation is normally completed on pitch surfaces which are between 6-8 years old and might be having drainage problems and leading to the organisation having to cancel games due to the existing surface being […]

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Polymeric Surface Maintenance

Maintenance procedures are designed to ensure the following: » The playing surface is kept clean. » The playing surface gives consistent performance. These objects are achieved by: » Sweeping leaves and other detritus from the surface. » Brushing the sports surface, to prevent any tendency to form an impervious skin on the surface that may […]

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