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The Benefits of Playing Hockey

Brutal fights, missing teeth, huge pads. No, not a night out at a dodgy disco in the 1980’s; hockey. If you fancy yourself as the next Wayne Gretzky then you’re not alone. Over half a million Canadians are registered as hockey players, and if there’s one thing the Canadians know, it’s hockey. So, why should […]

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Hockey Pitch Repairs

It may be necessary to carry out hockey pitch repairs for your sand filled or sand dressed surface if it becomes damaged or worn out. This could include repairs to joints and seams in the artificial turf carpet, top up of infill, or repairs to damage which occurs as a result of vandalism. It’s important […]

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Hockey Pitch Fencing

When having a specialist sports facility installed it’s recommended to consider having hockey pitch fencing included as part of the process, whether it’s for a school, college, club or leisure centre. This can help to protect the area and make sure it is secure when it’s being used and when not in use. Having a perimeter […]

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Hockey Pitch Construction

We understand that a building project taking place at your school, college or club can be a very daunting prospect, so we aim to give you as much information as possible about hockey pitch construction to put your mind at ease. This work can be completed for a number of specifications, and 2G turf is the […]

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Hockey Pitch Maintenance

We offer specialist hockey pitch maintenance services to make sure that your sports facility is working correctly. Our team are able to carry out thorough cleaning, repairs and rejuvenation for these surfaces. This work is done to prevent damage and repair any issues which may arise due to heavy use or weathering. ENQUIRE TODAY FOR […]

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Hockey Pitch Surfaces

There are a number of designs to choose from when it comes to installing hockey pitch surfaces. It really depends on your budget and what kind of playing qualities you want from the facility. We are able to install different surfacing types in a variety of designs to suit every project. These facilities are often […]

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Hockey Pitch Services

We have carried out hockey pitch services for a number of organisations across the UK, including schools, sports clubs and leisure centres. One of our core activities is the construction and installation of surfacing for a number of different specifications and designs. Each service can be fully customised to suit the client and fit in […]

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Experts in Artificial Sports Pitches

The installation of artificial sports pitches has become very popular in a variety of organisations across the UK including schools, sports clubs and leisure centres. The technological advancements of synthetic grass surfacing mean that there are now more options than ever and you can ensure that your sports surface will be high quality, durable and […]

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Outdoor Netball Court Sports Surfaces

Outdoor netball court surfaces are a very common sporting facility in the UK as the sport has recently become very popular due to high profile sporting events like the Olympics. Netball can be played on numerous types of surfaces and these can include synthetic all weather artificial grass, EPDM polymeric rubber crumb / tartan surfacing […]

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Small Sided Dual Sport Football Courts

Small sided football is an up and coming adaptation of full size football which is being played recreationally on new and existing MUGA or dual sport games area courts. This new and fast paced sport is played with fewer participants, smaller court dimensions / size, smaller goals and reduced game times. It is most commonly […]

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