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Health Benefits of Playing Basketball

When it comes to sport, America’s first love might be its age-long tradition of American football, but coming in at a close second is basketball. Created in the USA in 1891, Dr. James Naismith is known as the founding-father of the well loved American game. Born in 1861 in Ontario, Canada, as a young boy, […]

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Polymeric Ball Court Construction in Lancashire

EPDM rubber surfaces are commonly chosen for sports facilities as they provide excellent ball bounce and slip resistant qualities, polymeric ball court construction is done at many schools and clubs in the UK. The specification of polymeric surfacing comes in a range of designs depending on how the facility will be used, these include full EPDM, […]

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Building Schools Polymeric Basketball Court in Manchester

One of our recent projects was the construction of a polymeric basketball court for a school in Manchester who wanted to renovate an existing sports surface and turn it into a multi use games area. We carried out the full installation of the rubber court surfacing as well as additional rebound fencing to keep the […]

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Basketball Court Repairs

If your basketball court becomes damaged or worn out, it may be necessary to carry out basketball court repairs to restore it back to its original performance characteristics. Damage to a basketball court could include holes in the surface or the anti slip paint and line markings wearing away, this could occur as a result […]

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Basketball Court Line Marking

We can apply basketball court line marking and anti slip paint coatings in a variety of contrasting colour designs to give a professional looking finish which can be customised to fit with school or team colours. These paint coatings provide excellent grip and slip resistance qualities to ensure the best performance and safety characteristics when […]

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Basketball Court Cleaning

If you are in need of basketball court cleaning specialists, we offer these services throughout the UK. It is common for sports surfaces to become contaminated over time and with heavy use, but with regular cleaning this can be prevented. We’ll apply a thorough jet wash to the flooring to remove any debris and reduce […]

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Basketball Court Painting

We work across the UK providing basketball court painting services for many outdoor facilities. The most common locations we visit are schools and leisure centres, and our team can offer different products and designs. Colourful anti slip paints help to improve the appearance and playability of sports surfaces and this is why it is one […]

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Basketball Court Fencing

Basketball court fencing can come in a variety of different specifications, some more suited to the sport than others but each offer great qualities that can help create and design the perfect court for you. We supply a number of product designs ranging from simple designs to more robust options depending on your budget and […]

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Basketball Court Construction

When you choose to have a new sport facility built it’s important to consider all the options you have available. There are a number of factors to think about when carrying out a basketball court construction project. Whether it’s for a school, club or leisure centre it’s important to choose the right type of surfacing […]

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Basketball Court Maintenance

It’s extremely important to keep your sports court properly maintained, the maintenance process ensures that the court remains safe and the playing characteristics don’t falter. There are two main types of basketball court maintenance, the first being proactive work, which is keeping the court completely maintained on a regular basis. This can include deep cleaning […]

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