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Track and Field Facility Specialists

There are plenty of schools and public sports centres who have recently installed new athletics facilities to help improve activity and health for students and local people. Some of the most common products include full sized running tracks, long jump runways and high jump fans. These outdoor features are designed to suit the requirements of […]

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Compact Athletics Facilities Construction Specialists

Throughout the UK many schools, colleges, sports clubs and leisure centres are looking to improve their sports facilities but do not have the budget or outdoor space to install a full sized running track or long jump pit. We are compact athletics facilities construction specialists and can offer a range of designs for smaller sized sprint […]

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Building Triple Jump Run Up in Slough, Berkshire

Many schools in the UK do not have good quality athletics facilities to help kids get into sport and develop their skills in different events. We are on a mission to get long jump and triple jump run up surfaces installed in all schools across the country with help from long jump runway funding. A […]

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Building Long Jump Run Up and Sand Pit in Bridgwater

We recently carried out a project which involved installing a brand new long jump run up and sand pit athletics facility at a school in Bridgwater, Somerset. The school wanted a new sports surface which could promote a healthy lifestyle and help the kids to develop their athletics skills. Long Jump Run Up Installation The […]

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Long Jump Sand Pit Rubber Safety Kerbs

The increasing popularity of athletics sports events in the UK means there is a higher demand for good quality athletics surfaces, especially long jump and triple jump runways and sand pits. Schools and colleges are keen to get kids into different athletics events, and this means having safe facilities for them to practise on, so […]

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Costs To Construct a Long Jump Runway

Athletics tracks and facilities are becoming extremely popular in schools, colleges and clubs across the UK. They can give an organisation the option to take part in a number of different sports and athletic events including sprinting, long distance running and hurdles. However one of the most popular athletics facilities for schools in particular is […]

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Long Jump Surface Sandpit Rake

In order for your long jump runway surface to be in the best condition possible for high safety and performance standards, it is essential to keep it well maintained with a specifically designed cleaning and maintenance schedule. Putting a regular maintenance programme into place will ensure that there is minimal damage and wearing to the […]

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