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How Much to Build a High Jump Fan

A high jump fan takes the shape of a 180° arc otherwise known as a semi circle. A common size High Jump fan in schools would be a 9 meter radius with a 2 meter cut off which is a surfaced in polymeric surface commonly known as tartan. The rubber that gives the high jump fan its colour is called EPDM and is available in a number of colours allowing you to personalise the facility, for example it could be that your school colour is green so you decide to use a green EPDM giving you a green high jump fan! We are specialist sport contractors and will look after your project from quote to completion.


The EPDM is usually to a depth of 13mm laid onto a base of macadam onto of type 1 MOT stone. This gives your facility the most even and level finish possible as well as being SUDS compliant meaning that water is able to drain suitably, without overburdening the drains!

High Jump Fans are commonly installed with other athletic facilities such as long jump pit run up and triple jumps, which take up a similar method of construction and can be designed as per the Q26 specification to meet your requirements.

We are specialist sport contractors and will look after your project from quote to completion and we are confident that we can accommodate any budget as there are many variables that can be manipulated to bring down the price. For more information on High Jump Fans or any of our products please contact us through the enquiry form on this page.

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