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What Is A 3G Rugby Pitch?

A 3G rugby pitch is a sports surface that is designed for sports such as Football, Rugby and Hockey. The 3G synthetic artificial grass playing surface is designed to look and feel like a natural grass system and can be constructed to be installed onto almost any area size / dimension, the specification and design can be tailored to suit different budgets and can also be built in most locations like schools, parks and sports clubs.


The MUGA multi use games area playing surface has a minimum pile depth of 40mm and can have game line markings to suit the different sports installed at the time of construction. We are specialist contractors that have installed many different types of sports surfaces and this includes 3G / 4G surfacing. The third generation rugby surfacing normally has a pile height of 60mm with a rubber infill to suit the pay characteristics.  The design and specification of the artificial rugby turf can vary depending on the budget costs available and this can involve the choice of either monofilament or fibrillated artificial surfacing.

3G Synthetic Rugby Surfacing Costs

3G synthetic AstroTurf pitches are now an essential part of the UK sporting facilities and these systems can have extras such as sports floodlighting and sports fencing installed. These can help to generate extra income from the longer playing hours on the surfacing. Please visit our website on or use the contact form to get in touch and we will discuss the project specification, design, budget, funding and construction.

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