Polymeric Surface Maintenance

Maintenance procedures are designed to ensure the following:

» The playing surface is kept clean.

» The playing surface gives consistent performance.

These objects are achieved by:

» Sweeping leaves and other detritus from the surface.

» Brushing the sports surface, to prevent any tendency to form an impervious skin on the surface that may impair drainage.

» Ensuring appropriate footwear is used on the surface (i.e. no high heeled shoes).

» Inspecting surface for signs of damage and arranging remedial repairs promptly.

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Leaves, tree flowers, pine needles and other detritus should not be allowed to remain on the surface for any length of time. If this happens they rapidly rot down forming a drainage-inhibiting ‘skin’ within the surface, and providing a growing medium for algae, moss and weeds which may allow moisture to be held within the surface, which may cause issues during cold / freezing conditions due to expansion / contraction. Periodic cleaning by hosing down or Light Power Washing and copious amounts of water with a stiff brush should be all that is necessary to remove pollution and surface debris


Most stains can easily be removed with a solution of hot (not boiling) water and household detergent e.g. washing-up liquid. The removal of chewing gum can be effected using a freezing aerosol. Heavy oil marks can be removed with a cloth and methylated spirits.


No matter how much care is taken, weeds may occasionally appear on the surface usually as a result of wind blown seeds. Small weeds can be removed by hand without damaging the surface. In damp and shaded areas the surfacing may attract moss. Any pathway moss killer can be used. Localised areas of self-set weeds can be treated with domestic weed-killers without causing damage to the surface. Oil-based weed killers should not be used.

Care must be taken in its application because of a possible hazard to children.


Snow and ice are not harmful and can be permitted to melt through. Brushes or rubber edged scrapers may be used to remove snow. Metal shovels or scrapers may damage the surface and should not be permitted. Solvent based chemical de-icing agents should not be used.

If heavy rain falls immediately after a very cold spell, the surface may become flooded for a few hours. Do not worry, the ice will soon melt and the surface will then drain normally. Salt and / or Grit, may leave the surface stained as well as acting as an abrasive. We offer a Play Surface friendly liquid deicer, please visit our ‘maintenance section’ of our web site.



Check for visual evidence of vandalism, accidental damage and excessive wear.


Clear leaves, rubbish and debris from the surface, hosing down with water as necessary. Deal with any new weeds, moss or algae. Inspect whole surface for signs of damage, seek advice from manufacturer as required.


Check for moss and algae growth, food-stains, shoe-marks etc and remedy as appropriate.

Thoroughly clean down the area.

Inspect whole surface for signs of damage, seek advice from manufacturer as required.


In the event of accidental damage being identified, please contact Soft Surfaces for advice (Tel. 01625 445760). We can either complete the repair for you or supply you with a low cost DIY wet-pour Repair Kit so you can affect repair yourself.

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