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Tennis Court Surfacing Company UK

Tennis is a very popular sport in the UK and it’s important to ensure that any tennis court facility is constructed to the best standards so it is safe for players and provides good performance characteristics. We install tennis court surfaces at a number of organisations including leisure centres, schools, colleges, as well as residential […]

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Long Jump Sand Pit Rubber Safety Kerbs

The increasing popularity of athletics sports events in the UK means there is a higher demand for good quality athletics surfaces, especially long jump and triple jump runways and sand pits. Schools and colleges are keen to get kids into different athletics events, and this means having safe facilities for them to practise on, so […]

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Synthetic Grass Rubber Infill Maintenance

The most professional and top quality artificial grass sports pitches are compiled of plastic grass fibres and an infill which is made up of either a combination of sand a rubber crumb or just sand on its own, this infill helps to keep the fibres upright and provide good playing characteristics. As a result of […]

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Costs To Construct a Long Jump Runway

Athletics tracks and facilities are becoming extremely popular in schools, colleges and clubs across the UK. They can give an organisation the option to take part in a number of different sports and athletic events including sprinting, long distance running and hurdles. However one of the most popular athletics facilities for schools in particular is […]

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Are Athletics Running Tracks Always Red?

It’s a familiar scene, an athlete bursts across the finish line of the athletics running track, securing the medal they’ve been working so hard for, but that iconic sport surface usually seems to be a similar colour: a bright brick red. Is that the only colour that these top quality athletic tracks can be made in? […]

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The Difference Between an Athletics Track and a Running Track?

Is there a significant difference between the specifications of the surfaces used to install an athletics track and the surfaces used to install a running track? The short answer to that is no, there isn’t a difference between the two. This is because athletics tracks and running tracks are more or less the same thing […]

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Why Is Your Synthetic Grass Melting?

The use of artificial grass surfacing for sports pitches and garden lawns has become increasingly popular in the UK over the last few years. Prices for synthetic turf are now more affordable and there is relatively little maintenance involved compared with a natural grass surface as there is no need for mowing, weed killers, watering […]

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Standard Size and Dimensions of Athletics Running Tracks

Synthetic EPDM rubber athletics tracks are becoming more and more popular in schools, clubs, leisure centres and other organisations across the UK. The growth of athletics as a sport has lead to more people taking part in a whole host of events which therefore means there is a higher demand for top quality athletics tracks […]

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What is Athletics Running Track Surfacing Made From?

Synthetic athletics running track surfacing has become an increasingly popular sports facility for a number of organisations including schools, colleges and sports clubs in the UK over the last few years. One of the main reasons for this increase in popularity was the London 2012 Olympics where Team GB’s success inspired a lot more children […]

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Costs To Install Football Air Domes

Football Air Domes are inflatable building structures which can be constructed over outdoor football pitches as well as other sports facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. These versatile air inflated domes are affordable, high quality structures which allow any outdoor sports facility to be transformed into an all weather area which can be […]

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