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Legal Responsibility Maintaining & Testing Surfacing

All Weather Pitch Occupiers and Owners have a legal responsibility to make sure the artificial surfacing is fit for purpose and safe. As a duty of care if these standards are not met lawsuits can be raised for any players who get injured. This applies to all types of flooring on sports pitches from sand […]

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Playground Wet Pour Flooring In Warwickshire

Wet pour safety rubber flooring is very popular in Warwickshire and especially in places like Warwick, Birmingham, Coventry and Nuneaton. Soft tarmac or bouncy rubber surfacing is a play surface that is designed to offer protection from critical fall heights from play equipment in parks, playgrounds and play parks. The rubberized porous system can offer […]

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Poorly maintained surfaces causing injury claims?

Poorly maintained surfaces causing injury claims are starting to become more common because pitch occupiers are not maintaining their sports facility correctly or having no sports maintenance whatsoever which is simply making the sports pitches dangerous and slippery. Many people suffer injuries, whilst playing sport as a consequence of poorly maintained surfaces and firms like […]

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Claiming For Injuries On Unsafe All Weather Pitches Surfacing

Claiming For Injuries On Unsafe All Weather Pitches Surfacing is a question being asked by many players at present because the majority of artificial sports pitches or astroturf multi use games areas are unsafe and badly maintained or dont have maintenance carried out at all. All weather pitches / Synthetic turf pitches are all required […]

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Sports Surface Injury Claim Specialists

A common fact in today’s society is “where there is blame, there is a claim”. This saying now applies to sports surfacing that we have in the UK on all weather pitches, MUGAs, astro turf football fields and even playgrounds or play areas. Now, pitch operators / owners have the responsibility to maintain their sports […]

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Rejuvenated by HA Sports Rejuvenation

Rejuvenated by HA Sports Rejuvenation is a process carried out to all weather pitches, astroturf sports courts, football fields and synthetic turf surfaces. It is basically a process which uplifts and removes the contaminated sand infill and is replaced with new silica sand. We are able to offer rejuvenations on all synthetic grass surfacing which […]

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Proactive Maintenance To Astro Turf Sports MUGA Surfacing

There is 2 kinds of maintenance that is used for MUGA sports surfaces. The very common reactive and the less common but preferred proactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance means fixing or maintaining after the event has taken place. Proactive maintenance means the prevention of repairs due to planned and costed continuing maintenance. The sports surfacing in […]

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Flooding All Weather Pitches Needs Restoration Maintenance Service

Flooding on a MUGA sports pitch can be a very frustrating, expensive and difficult problem to overcome, especially when the surface has suffered from a lack of surfacing maintenance and investment. There is no real reason for these surfaces to remain in this way as many sports companies and contractors like Soft Surfaces Ltd offer […]

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Sand Filled Artificial Sports Field Rejuvenation Maintenance

Sand filled artificial sports pitches can be installed in many area sizes including 19m x 36m & 45m x 65m although they can be tailored to be specified & designed to suit many different requirements of the client. Playgrounds, parks and schools have these excellent multisport facilities constructed as they offer a safe contained environment […]

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Tarmac Macadam Basketball MUGA Line Marking

MUGAs or multi use games areas are used in the UK for safe, contained active sports play which can play host to numerous different sports as specified and designed. One of the most common MUGA surface is the Asphalt surface otherwise known as porous macadam and this is perfect for sports like basketball, netball and […]

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