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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Long Jump Runway

Are you interested in building a long jump facility? If the answer to this question is yes, then look no further than us! We are a one stop contractor in sport facility construction and have a team of experts on hand to offer you free, friendly and professional advice to any query you may have.


IAAF and UK athletic regulations state that the runway of a long jump should be 45m x 1.22m, the size and dimensions of the pit 9m x 3m x 500mm and a 13mm layer of EPDM being laid onto an engineered sub base offering the greatest level of stability (Macadam/Tarmac).

Your school or establishment may not need a long jump to this standard and that’s fine! We can construct a long jump pit runway to almost any budget as there are many components that can be altered to bring down costs; these include, reducing the length of the runway, choosing a different surface system as well as reducing the depth of pit.

Synthetic Long Jump Runway Surfacing

An example of a long jump constructed for recreational use would be a runway at 35m x 1.22m, a black EPDM surface and a pit size of 6m x 3m x 300mm. This is just one example of the costs can be reduced. There are many factors that can be manipulated to fit your circumstances and resources. To discover these or to find out any further information on long jumps or any other of our sporting facilities (including MUGAs and full size 3G pitches) simply use our contact form.

Optional Extras

  • Mowing Strip- Concrete or Rubber
  • Sand Pit Cover
  • Fixed Take Off Board
  • Removable Take Off Board
  • Variety of Colours for Runway

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