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Athletics Landing Sand Pit Edgings

Athletics landing sand pit have edgings installed at the time of construction as standard. These can be installed for a number of reasons as they can provide a hard standing area for the referee to assess the jump length. They can also provide an area that will prevent weeds from entering the actual sand landing pit and the landing sand pit edging can also provide protection from newly cut grass from entering the sand landing pit.


You can get further information on these products by filling in our contact form and speaking to an expert today. We’d be happy to provide you with some professional advice and help with the costs as well.

Athletics Facility Sand Pits

Wetpour play areas are excellent for providing children with an external facility where they can enjoy their break and socialise with their friends by completing fun activities. This is because the wetpour is a very safe, soft surface which the children will be unable to injure themselves on. The surface is excellent for providing a great set of activities that the pupils can participate in such as a range of both traditional and modern games. We commonly employ games such as hopscotch and snakes and ladders due to the educational benefits that they offer. This therefore allows the school to see benefits as the children are having fun at the same time as learning.

Long Jump Landing Pit Surface

Fresh air is crucial to both a child attending school and the school that they attend. After a child has had fresh air during their break or lunch time, they return to the classroom with a much wider attention span and are able to learn much more than usual which consequently allows teachers to do a much better job of teaching them.

Jump Landing Pits

The sand pit edgings can be made from EPDM Wet Pour surfacing and this is also known as soft safety surface or poured in place. They can also be made from concrete flags. Both surface types have a standard width of 450mm but these can be tailored to suit most designs, specifications and budget requirements. Sport England & Inspired Facilities are now providing lots of grants / funding for these types of projects which makes current surface upgrades or new construction easier.

Although our surfaces are extremely durable, wetpour can sometimes become damaged over time due to the overuse of the surface. If this is the case, it is vital that our team are contacted immediately with all of the details of your damages because children can injure themselves regardless of the size of the damages. If the required repair is large, our team will need to visit your area and fix it themselves. However, if there are only minor damages, a provided repair kit can ensure that your damages are fixed. The difference between these two repair methods is that repair kits require the repair to be completed by you whereas our team will need to fix the large damages.

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