DIY Synthetic Turf Kits

Sports and Safety Surfaces would like to introduce their new easy to use artificial grass surfacing DIY tools. Each kit contains all the materials required to repair small damaged areas of synthetic turf surfacing or install small artificial lawns. The artificial grass DIY kits include backed geotextile tape for joining of carpet seams, a single component moisture curing adhesive glue, mastic gun for the adhesive cartridge, pair of latex gloves and lastly a spreader with 4mm tongues.

If you require further information on our repair kits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team for a range of great knowledge and expertise that can massively help you.

Artificial Grass Repair Kit

We always recommend that you contact our team to see whether a repair kit is a suitable option for you. This is due to the possibility of an essential repair being carried out by a professional team with professional equipment if the damages are already out of a repair kit’s control. However, these kits are usually a great option and will be an excellent option if suitable. Anyone can use these kits due to them being so basic and easy to fix the damages and they will save you a lot of money by preventing the damages from getting worse.

If the damages on your surface are not fixed, they will gradually get worse and worse as time passes. This can be the difference in a great cost as the materials come much cheaper than an expert team. The team will be required if the damages are not taken care of quickly and effectively.

What is a DIY Turf Kit?

A DIY Synthetic Turf Kit is a great option for anyone looking to repair their astroturf facility. The kit contains a number of items that are essential to perform the restoration which includes:

  • Adhesive Glue Cartridge
  • 3-Meter Tape
  • 1 Mastic Gun
  • 1 Spreader
  • 1 Pair of Latex Gloves

These tools are great as they will save you the cost and hassle of a team providing the fix for you. However, if the damages are major, you may not have this choice and a team may be required to provide fixes for these larger issues.

artificial turf stands up to heavy use, such as in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming –Wikipedia

Grass Repair Kits

DIY Synthetic Turf Repair Kit are materials supplied to make you able to install synthetic turf yourself as it includes the tapes and glue for the joints on synthetic grass. These artificial grass kits are ideal for artificial grass lawns, synthetic turf play areas, artificial grass repairs, fake grass surfacing and also as a safety surface for children. The do it yourself DIY synthetic turf repair tools are designed to help anyone fix any damages to artificial grass.

DIY Synthetic Grass kits

The main reason for inventing the kits are mainly for leisure centres who hire out the sports pitches out because its inevitable over time some seams and joints will need to be repaired for numerous reasons and should no restoration tools be on site then the football court will have to be closed and therefore lose revenue. The DIY kits do not include the synthetic turf surface should any be burnt or damaged but are for general seam joint repairs where the synthetic turf surfacing can be stuck back down.

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