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Coating of Non-Slip Acrylic Water Based Paint to Sports Surface MUGA

Coating of non-slip acrylic water based paint to sports surface MUGA is carried out usually in two coats and installed in two directions. This porous acrylic paint coating gives an anti slip property for the sports played to meet the slip resistance required for football, netball, basketball and tennis.

The non-slip acrylic paint is installed onto bitmac surfaces which is open textured porous macadam generally. One example of the bitmac material is Macadam Base course; supply and lay 40mm compacted depth of 10mm open graded sports macadam, roll and cross roll to achieve an even close knit finish. Macadam Wearing/Surface course; supply and lay 25mm compacted depth of 6mm open graded sports macadam, roll and cross roll to achieve an even close knit finish. There’s several other specifications like a 20mm aggregate size to a depth of 50mm and 20mm thick wearing course at a 6mm aggregate.

Tennis Court Surfacing Porous Acrylic Paint

Blue and Purple Tennis Surfacing

The coating and spraying of the anti slip paint colour coating is crucial that it is installed on a dry day and can be a nightmare for customers waiting for these works to be completed because many times within the UK these works get pushed back as it isn’t dry enough to install. We can only apologise in advance when this is the case but cannot control the weather and I’m sure the client wouldn’t be willing to pay for the materials installed if they were installed and the rain washed it all away.

Please feel free to fill in our contact form if you have any questions with regards to porous acrylic paint coatings for multi use games areas. We will be able to offer advice on costs, designs and installation for this type of facility.

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